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Survivemax.com is a community dedicated to helping you survive the collapse of law and order, and the social unrest that’s growing closer every day. Our site offers law abiding citizens the prepper supplies, survival tools, survival equipment and the tactical knowledge you’ll need to survive almost anything. <Read more>

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Prepper Supplies, Survival Equipment and Survival Tactics

Survivemax.com isn’t your run of the mill website that just discusses different types of survival equipment. The world is becoming a very dangerous place, and your time to prepare is running out. To make it through what’s coming you’ll need to know more survival tactics than your neighbor. The survival tactics and survival tips that can be found on this website can and will save your life – for free.  To help you get the survival tools that you’ll need we’ve broken our site up into category pages.


Survival Tips and Discussion Forums

We have assembled category pages that discusses the most recent information in plain language including basic to advanced survival tactics and a discussion forum where preppers and survivalists can share their knowledge. We’re at the point in history where more “end of the world” biblical prophecy has been fulfilled in the last ten years than in the previous ten thousand. Are you ready for what’s coming? I bet you aren’t. Order your prepper supplies and survival equipment now!