Bible prophecy of the end times and the new world order

More has come true in the past ten years to fulfill the end time bible prophecy than it has in the previous ten thousand. No one could possibly deny that the world is more evil and more dangerous than it was a decade ago. This should come as no surprise as all of the biblical prophecies of the end times and the new world order are unfolding right before our eyes. It’s time to get yourself and your family ready for what’s coming.

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Can biblical prophecies help preppers get ready for social unrest?

You bet they can. In fact, the most prepared survivalists in the nation’s military, and in the pockets of standalone militia have a channel that they can turn to so future events can be explained to them in simple English. Even President Trump, during his time in office sought the informal evangelical advice of Pastor David Jeremiah as the Corona Virus pandemic swept the globe. Trump turned to the good book to see what it said about the end times and biblical plagues. One of the most well-known apocalyptic narratives in the bible is the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. It tells the story of (among other things) the destruction of corrupt political systems, warring counties, social unrest in those countries, and the final judgment of the wicked. If you’d like to learn more about the end times, the new world order, and how biblical prophecies can help you prepare for what’s coming read on.