What would you do for home defense in the event of a home invasion?

There are times when you have no choice. When it comes to home defense in the event of an armed home invasion, you’ll have to use all the tactical gear and survival gear in your arsenal to defend your castle. Many states, even a few very liberal ones, understand this and have what’s called a castle doctrine to protect the rights of the victims. According to the castle doctrine “a party who reasonably believes they are threatened with the immediate use of deadly force can legally respond with a proportional amount of force to deter that threat.” <Read more>

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What are the “do’s” and “do not’s” of home preparedness?

Before we tell you what you should do to defend your home or shelter, let’s discuss what you shouldn’t do. Never talk to anyone about your guns, your ammo or the amount of your tactical gear. In order to be prepared for every situation, never rely on just one type of home defense, and finally, never shoot on sight. These are big mistakes that you should avoid for many reasons.


What tactical gear and survival gear do you need?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “never bring a gun to a knife fight.” There’s logic in that old saying. You need to have the right weapon for every situation. Shot guns, rifles and handguns may work in some situations but may be very dangerous in others. If your neighbors live close by, a stray bullet could harm or even kill them. Here’s a list of creative and unconventional home defense and home invasion deterrents that could ward off potential issues before they begin. Phony gang signs or guard dog signs will normally stop looters in their tracks, or at least make them think twice. Further deterrents are homemade beds of nails, tire spikes, carefully placed barbed wire, or razor wire. If they make it passed all of that and they actually enter your home mace and pepper spray work wonders, just like axe handles and baseball bats. For other lethal and non-lethal home defense ideas click here.