Affiliate information

Affiliates are a great option for people with their own websites or blogs to feature our products and profit doing it. If you are interested in being an affiliate, fill out and submit the form on the “Become an Affiliate” page. Affiliates must be set up by our webmaster on a per case basis and you will be notified via email when that process has been completed. This process is usually completed in a few days.

Promo code information

Promo codes are especially useful for people who have podcasts, or radio shows who would be better suited to offer a promotion verbally. Promo codes offer customers purchasing through their given code a 10% discount on the items that they order, and in return, the host of the show will receive 10%. Like affiliate links, promo codes must be set up by our webmaster on a per case basis. If you are interested in a promo code, please contact us.

Referral information

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Payment information

After your affiliate has been set up and sales through your efforts have been made, you will be entitled to profits. Your payment will be sent on the 1st of each month through PayPal. Those payments will include profits made 30 days before that date. For example, payments made on June 1st will include sales made 30 days prior. In this example, sales made after the 30-day threshold, it will be included in your payment on July 1st. Your payments will not be made on items that are ordered and returned. Due to this, it may take up to 60 days for your initial payment to be made.