Live off the grid with alternative energy sources

Protecting your castle with the weapon of your choice is one thing, but when you need to live off the grid, you’ll need an affordable and reliable alternative energy source. Remember, you can live without food for weeks, but you can only survive without drinkable water for a short amount of time. While solar generators are becoming all the rage, there are other alternative energy sources that you might consider.

DIY renewable energy videos

DIY Solar Energy

220v Electric Hydropower

DIY Wind Turbine

DIY Bio Gas

Think beyond standby backup generators

When preppers talk about living off the grid using an alternative energy source, they discuss buying one of the three main alternatives: solar, hydroelectric, and wind.

  • Solar is becoming very popular as has no moving parts, has an unlimited energy source, is very safe, doesn’t emit any harmful by-products, and is very easy to set up.
  • Hydroelectric power uses water and gravity to generate sustainable electricity. It offers 24/7 renewable energy, has no harmful by-products, (like solar) the water used to generate electricity can be reused, and it can be used to supplement your solar energy reserves when sunlight is scarce.
  • Wind Power may cost you a little more than a solar or a hydroelectric setup, but it’s a wonderful source of long-lasting energy that’s renewable, inexhaustible, and offers no harmful by-products.

The time to start investigating these off the grid alternative energy sources is now. If you wait, it’ll be too late. You need to prepare for what’s coming get ahead of the game. Your family’s survival is no laughing matter. To discuss the options of your location, climate, budget and consumption with others in the field click here.