Car foam fire extinguisher Mini convenient foam fire extinguisher 500ML emergency tool Fast fire extinguishing


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Product Name: Simple Foam fire extinguisher

Filling volume :500ml

Validity :4 years

We are the factory of foam fire extinguishers, and we will ship the latest foam fire extinguishers

Eliminate fires in seconds with the Foam fire extinguisher

Compact, lightweight recyclable plastic aerosol fire extinguisher and a more practical and solution compared to traditional metal canisters

Extinguishes 5 different types of fire: electrical, cooking oil, textiles, petrol/diesel and paper/card

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly fluid – safe for the user and the environment

MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND MULTIPURPOSE FIRE SAFETY IN A SMALL CAN- “The Foam fire extinguisher” was designed to put out most types of typical home fires – Wood/Paper, Flammable Liquids and Combustible Grease. (Class A, B) – We even use Deionized Water in case there is electricity present to eliminate conductivity of the current.

Our Product is biodegradable and easily cleans up with a sponge.

Foam Fire Extinguisher | For Home, Kitchen, Car, Garage, Boat | The best small extinguisher

This foam fire extinguisher is very simple to use. Open the cover, keep away from the fire source for a certain distance, press the nozzle against the flame, and the foam will spray, and the flame will be extinguished at once.

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1 bottle, 1pc fixing belt


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