ECOFLOW 220W Portable Bifacial Solar Panel Foldable Solar Charger for Power Station Waterproof IP68 With Adjustable Kickstand

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Main Feature

1.Bifacial Design:With a 220W front side and a 155W rear side for ambient light, you can gain an extra 5-25% solar energy, depending on the type of surface you put it on.

2.Extremely Portable:The EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Solar panel is foldable, compact and weighs just 9.5kg (20.9lbs).Easy to pick up and carry with you.

3.IP68 Weather Proof: It has a thin, one-piece tempered glass design making it 5x more durable than comparable solar panels. It comes complete with an IP68 Waterproof rating meaning its both water and dust resistant.

4.Optimal Efficiency: When used with an EcoFlow power station, the 220W Bifacial Solar Panel is geared to produce maximum efficiency. The solar panel has a high energy conversion rate of 22%-23% too.

5.Adjustable Kickstand Case:The EcoFlow Bifacial Solar Panel comes with an adjustable kickstand case. This protects the solar panel on the move while doubling up into an adjustable kickstand. It also allows you to position the solar panel for optimal sunlight intake and lets you chain several solar panels together.

Have Power No Matter Where The Adventure Takes You

200W Bifacial Solar Panel

More Energy With Two In One Bifacial Design

200W Front Panel,155W Rear Panel
Capture 5-25% More Energy


MC4 Output Controller
High Efficiency Monocrystalline Cells
Hot Pressing Process Fold

Run A High Performing Solar Generator

With EcoFlow DELTA MAX and EcoFlow Bifacial Solar Panel

IP68 Waterproof

Water resistant up to 1m


One-piece tempered glass

Geared For Optimal Solar In Take

22-23% Energy Conversion Rate
Find the perfect angle to absorb the maximum sunshine

Power On a Smaller Scale

10% Smaller
than average 220w Solar Panels


Rated Power ———- 220W Front Side/155W Rear Side

Cell Type—————Monocrystalline Silicon


Dimensions————-82*183*2.5cm (32.3*72.0*1.0 in)

Connector Type——–MC4

Open Circuit Voltage—21.8V (Vmp 18.4V)

Short Circuit Current—13A (Imp 12.0A) Front Side/ 8.8A (Imp8.4A) Rear Side

Weight (Solar Panel)—Approx. 9.5kg (20.9lbs)

What's In The Box

1-220W Bifacial Solar Panel

2-Snap Hooks

3-Kickstand Case

4-User Manual

5-Solar to XT60 Charging Cable


1. Does the 220W Bifacial Solar Panel generate a full 220W of power?

A: In most cases, it is normal for a solar panel not to deliver its full nominal power. Some of the reasons why this happens, as well as some suggestions for getting closer to the nominal power figure, are given below.
Light Intensity
Surface Temperature
Sunlight Angle
Panel Shading

2. How much power can the 220W Bifacial Solar Panel generate under normal conditions?

A: This depends first and foremost on weather conditions. Generally speaking, on a clear day with no clouds in the sky, sunlight hitting the panel at a 90° angle usually generates 160W–180W of power in the 220W panel.

3. What should I know about the operating temperature, storage and use of 220W Bifacial Solar Panel?

A: The operating temperature of the Bifacial Solar Panel is -20°C–85°C (-4°F–185°F). The panel should be folded into its original shape and stored in its Protective Case (Kickstand), which provides sufficient protection for the product. To extend the service life of the panel, ensure that the product is not exposed to external forces/impacts when not in use. The solar panel itself is made of glass and must not be dropped, pierced, bent, or sat on. These actions may break the glass and render the panel unusable.

4. Can I use non-EcoFlow branded power stations with 220W Bifacial Solar Panel?

A: Yes, but only certain types. The power station used must be compatible with solar standards in order to work properly. In addition, other brands of power station may not offer the same levels of compatibility as EcoFlow-branded power stations, may have lower nominal power ratings, and may not offer the same levels of performance.

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220W Solar Panel


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