Vehicle water based fire extinguisher small portable office hospital school home fire equipment fire extinguisher


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The 1 SKU: 1pc* water based fire extinguisher

The 2 SKU:1pc* Fixed belt

The 3 SKU: 1pc* Fixed frame

The 4 SKU: 1pc* Fixed belt and 1pc* Fixed frame

Tne 5 SKU: 24 pairs Gloves

Application scenario

Powerful and widely applicable

TA plays all over the place. Filter fire rescue ventilator





5.Office building

6.Shopping mall

A prepared mind is safe from emergency

It is important to have the right fire extinguishing products where needed

Kitchen application:

Fire department statistics show that kitchen fires have accounted for about 80% of home fires, oil pan grease fire, fire blanket directly spread cover to prevent oxygen fire

Building escape:

Residential building fire

You can wrap the blanket around your body

Protect yourself from burns

The real killer in fire is smoke stronger than fire

Fire hazards are everywhere, fire breathing apparatus for the family to see a visible guarantee

The mortality rate of smoke asphyxia was 51%

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1pc 525ml, 1 pc Fixed belt, 1pc Fixed frame, 1pc Fixed frame belt, 24 pairs Gloves


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