VEVOR Bubble Tent Garden Igloo 9.5/12ft With LED PVC Cover Geodesic Greenhouse Dome for Outdoor Sunbubble Backyard Bubble House


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Product Description

9.5 ft x 9.5 ft x 5.8 ft Bubble Tent

Waterproof TPU Cover & Withstand Strong Wind

  • If you want to feel security during windy days or if you are preparing to camp on a breezy beach, VEVOR’s bubble tent is a great choice. Durable nylon frame with thickened TPU screen provide high stability. Zipper-gate and triangle windows are designed for excellent ventilation. Our garden dome is available for 2-4 people at indoor & outdoor events. Get ready to create the perfect outdoor experience with family and friends!
  • Superior Protective Material
  • Reinforced Fastener
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Increased Space

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Key Features

Water-proof TPU Cover

The surface of our TPU garden igloo dome is wrinkled, but it is not a product quality issue and does not affect your pleasant use as well. Wrinkles will fade away gradually in direct sunlight.

Larger Inner Space

Our igloo tent dome has a diameter of 9.5 ft, and a base area of 6.6 m²/71 ft², providing you with a large and comfortable place. Total capacity is available for 2-4 people, perfectly suitable for outdoor activities or family gatherings.

Stability Guaranteed

The geodesic dome can be inserted on the soft ground by aluminum alloy stakes and fixed to hard surfaces by expansion screws with fasteners.

Increased Ventilation

Our garden igloo dome features a 55″/ 140 cm zipper-gate and triangle window for ventilation. You can close the door and window to create a private space without disturbances. The window can also be opened for ventilation according to your different requirements.

Sturdy Nylon Frame

The frame of this garden dome igloo adopts ø0.63 in/ 16 mm nylon brackets and connects by stable fitting elbows. With proper installation, the tent can bear wind speeds up to 31mi/h.

Various Application

You can widely use the garden igloo dome tent for garden planting, outdoor parties, dining, resting, and storing supplies. Perfect bubble tent house dome for summer use in the backyard, back garden, lawn, gazebo, etc.


  • Frame: Nylon
  • Screen: Transparent TPU
  • Diameter: 9.5 FT
  • Base Area: 71 ft²

Package Content

  • 1 x Garden Igloo Dome
  • 1 x PVC Screen
  • 10 x Sandbags
  • 32 x Expansion Screws w/ Fastener
  • 15 x Aluminum Alloy Stakes


  • Frame: Nylon
  • Screen: Transparent TPU
  • Diameter: 12FT
  • Base Area: 107 ft²

Package Content

  • 1 x Garden Igloo Dome
  • 1 x PVC Screen
  • 10 x Sandbags
  • 32 x Expansion Screws w/ Fastener
  • 15 x Aluminum Alloy Stakes

Features & Details

  • Superior Protective Material: The bubble tent is built from transparent TPU material to provide a clear, 360°view. The thickened TPU screen features excellent sun protection, warmth retention, and wind-proof, creating a warm and relaxing outdoor space for you and your family.
  • Reinforced Fastener: The geodesic dome kit adopts a φ 0.63”/16 mm nylon frame, providing extra stability with the help of 10 sandbags,32 expansion screws w/ fastener, and 15 aluminum alloy stakes. It can withstand up to 31 mi/h speed wind and bear max. 90 lbs snow. Feel at ease when you start your next big camping adventure, even on windy days.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air: The geodesic dome features 2 rolled-up windows with straps to increase air circulation, breathing fresh air always and everywhere. A zipper door that can be sealed closed for easy access and setting boundaries between you and others out in public or in the privacy of your own spaces.
  • Increased Space:9.5 ft x 9.5 ft x 5.8 ft H. 71 ft² base area provides a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 2-4 adults. The dome shape design is superior to conventional shaped rooms in sustaining better airflow, warming up quicker, and guaranteeing a consistent temperature inside.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Application: This garden igloo dome can be used in the garden, backyard, terrace, patio, and other places with soft surfaces or wooden flooring. Suitable for garden planting, outdoor parties, dining, rest sites, storing supplies, etc. Make you space yours and feel the difference with every adventure.

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9.5 Feet, 12 Feet


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