Real American news for survivalists and preppers

Preppers need real American news. They need to know what’s coming so they know what weapons and home defense items to buy. Unfortunately, the propaganda that the mainstream news media conglomerates are selling us to distract, fracture and completely spin us into civil disarray is 80% nonsense. When it comes to broadcasting half-truths and selling outright lies in a coordinated effort, the world must stand in awe of the bullshit that the American government forces on their citizens on an hourly basis. How do you know what to believe? Where do you get real American news?

Is conspiracy news the best prepper news?

You bet they are. When networks that are considered to be conspiracy news outlets start making more sense than six boardrooms that control all of the world’s news media – you know you’re being lied to. To help you get the truth, we’ve assembled a handful of news feeds from around the world, as well as news personalities that will “give it to you straight.” Browse the information on this page and share your information here.

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