Preppers know that survival food and emergency food supplies are necessary

Let’s face facts. Survival food and emergency food supplies have become a part of American’s lives for many reasons. Natural disasters and other emergencies could easily cut off your food and water supplies leaving grocery store shelves bare. Anyone who lived through the food and toilet paper shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic would certainly understand the problem – and it wasn’t that long ago. Earlier this year people experienced a baby formula shortage that left many shelves bare across the country. Combine those problems with the skyrocketing price of food staples like beef, bacon, chicken, or eggs, and you’ll quickly see why buying survival food is necessary. Do you know what to buy?

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Every family needs an inventory of emergency food supplies

Some experts believe that having emergency food supplies of 3-days per household would be enough for an average family to survive most emergencies, but they’re wrong. The COVID-19 pandemic and the previously mentioned baby formula shortage lasted for months, proving each and every one of the “experts” wrong. Canned soup from the grocery store that you have been hoarding in your pantry and food that you’ve stuffed into a glass mason jar will only get you so far. They’re fragile, have short expiration dates and are too bulky to hustle out of your house on short notice if you have to. Click here to learn how the professional’s prep for food shortages!