Bartering is the act of trading goods, services, or products directly with other people without using money. Bartering is one of the oldest forms of commerce in the world which stems back to 6000 BC, long before the existence of coinage. It thrived by the necessity of impoverished people throughout the tribes of Mesopotamia where it was used as their primary source of survival. This ancient civilization popularized the concept that eventually spread throughout Europe and sustained their cultures allowing them to survive their many hardships.

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Survival bartering (also known as survival trading) is perfect for anyone in the modern age who is prepping for any form of socio-economic collapse; but in order for the concept to work, you first have to determine what you need to stock up on that everyone will need later. The most commonly acquired items that preppers intend to barter are silver and gold coins, ammunition, weapons, non-perishable food items (such as MRE’s), bottled water and clothing. But with a little imagination you will quickly discover that anything from tampons, to toilet paper, to gun oil, to lighters are also perfect items to barter. In a pinch, almost any item that is used at the most basic level of survival can be ideal for prepper bartering. Have a bartering story to share? See our bartering group now!